Killer POV: Ep. 51: Lance Henricksen! ‘Nuff Said

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On episode 51 of Killer POV, co-host Elric Kane (Inside Horror) talks about ‘Cheap Thrills,’ ‘Shock,’ ‘Viy,’ and ‘The Sect.’ Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) saw Mark Of The Devil and revisited ‘The Conjuring.’ Rob Galluzzo (FEARNET) caught ‘Pieces’ on the big screen and checked out Sam Raimi’s ‘Crimewave.’ Then the group welcome a very, very special guest who IS the topic of discussion for this episode…actor extraordinaire Lance Henriksen! He’s joined by writer Joe Maddrey who co-penned Lance’s biography ‘Not Bad For A Human’ and comic-book series ‘To Hell You Ride.’ The group talk about Lance’s latest project, the creature feature ‘Harbinger Down’ directed by Alec Gillis of ADI. And then dive into his entire life & career, including the two times he met Lee Marvin, setting rumors straight about ‘The Terminator’ and explaining how he approached playing Bishop in James Cameron’s ‘Aliens.’ Kick back, relax and enjoy one of the most geek worthy dream guests we’ve ever had on Killer POV!

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  • Awesome

  • Dennis Atherton

    Lance’s voice broke my bass speaker. What a Great guest. I knew nothing of his rough childhood. Crazy stories

  • Dennis Atherton

    On revisiting this podcast today this is still fantastic, Lance should certainly of played God in something, Lance the Mad potter! He would certainly kick the S### out of another Potter we all know called Harry,
    He kinda reminds me of a slighter tougher version of Dick hill, both amazing characters,
    We can only dream ofwhat The Terminator movie would of been if he played the part,
    Cheers guys