Killer POV: Ep 72: Medical Malpractice

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The Killer POV gang – Rob Galluzzo from Icons of Fright, Elric Kane from Inside Horror and Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria – are all back to tackle one of their zaniest topics yet…Medical Malpractice! First up, Elric caught the most movies this week and reports back on ‘Night Train To Terror,’ ‘The Sender,’ ‘Road Games,’ ‘Frankenstein Unbound,’ ‘Man From Deep River’ & ‘Cannibal Holocaust.’ Bekah signs off on ‘The Quiet Ones’ and ‘The Awakening.’ Rob praises the revenge thriller ‘Blue Ruin’ and tackles Blue Underground’s new HD Blu-ray of ‘Rats: Night Of Terror.’ Then we welcome very special guest Manny Coto, writer on shows such as ‘Dexter,’ ’24,’ ‘Star Trek: Enterprise,’ but more importantly the director of ‘Dr. Giggles!’ We delve into the making of the Larry Drake fronted cult classic horror film, discuss how the landscape of horror television has changed since ‘Dexter’ and shoot out titles for tons of ‘Medical Malpractice’ horror movies such as ‘Dead Ringers,’ ‘Re-Animator,’ ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ ‘Pathology,’ ‘The Dentist’ and much, much more. Join in for the diagnosis!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    I like the Cannibal Holocaust reversal idea, the Holocaust is on the Cannibals, very clever
    On Malpractise on bringing the dead back to life topic I am recently watching Black Mirror because you guys mentioned it and Wow, Thank you, it’s amazing, in Episode 4 its kinda a modern take on this idea where the boyfriend is killed but comes back to life as a computer but without the soul, Fantastic premise, I love this show, I’m really glad you brought it up

    I wish we could see all the parts that were cut out from Dr Giggles now, a Bluray Uncut Scream Factory edition could really go down well, I hope Manny kept the Cut Footage
    Lastly im Kinda worried about Elric, he’s a bit obbsessed with women with the extra hole 😉