Killer POV Ep 76: The 90’s! With Rodman Flender!

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On this week’s episode of Killer POV, your devoted hosts Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rob Galluzzo (Icons Of Fright) travel back in time to a little decade known as the 90’s! But first, they discuss the latest horrors they’ve seen! Rob praises ‘The Guest,’ the follow-up from the filmmakers behind ‘You’re Next;’ checks out Elric’s recommendation ‘The Kindred’ and finally goes face to face with Bobcat’s Bigfoot in ‘Willow Creek.’ Elric & Rob attended a screening of the rarely seen 1989 Austin horror flick ‘Scary Movie.’

Elric also praises ‘Housebound’ & fills us in on ‘The Devil’s Rook,’ ‘Honeymoon’ & ‘Halloween II.’ Bekah checked out ‘Berberian Sound Studio,’ the Norwegian ‘Ragnarok,’ ‘The Green Slime’ and the series ‘Dark Secrets.’ Then we welcome very special guest Rodman Flender, the director of ‘Idle Hands,’ ‘The Unborn,’ ‘Leprechaun 2,’ ‘Tales From The Crypt,’ ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’ and much more. He tells us all about working for Roger Corman through the 90’s, how the Columbine tragedy affected ‘Idle Hands’ release (and horror in general) and then we delve into what worked best for horror in the 90’s era, which of course includes game changers like ‘Scream,’ ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ ‘The Sixth Sense,’ ‘Candyman’ and much more. Kick back and enjoy!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    Great guys

    A couple of points on the conversation with Rodman, I like the advertising story about “You will actually see a man turned inside out” In the UK we had a movie called The Fiend from 72 on video in 83 that on the box it said ” NOT FOR VIEWERS OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION” in a big bright red font, that’s advertising gold right there

    And on the Jewish Catholic question I think I have the answer ” Why is a Nun with white eyes scary but not Hasidic Jews white eyes?”
    I think the answer is in fear, Catholicism is ruled by Fear, the whole religion is built around a philosophy of “Believe or Die” If you don’t believe you will be sent to Hell to live forever in purgatory, FOREVER! thats why Scary Nuns work because the fear is already there

  • Dennis Atherton

    I am fully prepared for the new Adam Simon podcast after enjoying this one again today, Rodman is a great guest