Killer POV Ep 77: It’s Twilight Time!

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This week on Killer POV, your hosts Rob Galluzzo (Icons Of Fright), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) and Elric Kane (Inside Horror) welcome the man behind the Twilight Time Blu-ray label Nick Redman! But first, their latest horrors! Elric caught ‘The Guest’ and then headed over to Beyond Fest to see ‘Horns,’ ‘The Editor’ & ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ with a new live score. He also signs off on Bobcat’s ‘Willow Creek.’ Bekah reports back from the Day Of The Dead convention and the Delirium signing at Dark Delicacies. She saw ‘Starry Eyes,’ ‘Godzilla’ & ‘Resolution’ this week as well. Rob revisited the entire ‘Candyman’ trilogy and also had a double feature of the Roger Corman ‘The Pit & The Pendulum’ and the Stuart Gordon ‘Pit & The Pendulum.’ Then they’re joined by Nick Redman, one of the partners behind Twilight Time whose Blu-ray releases for ‘Fright Night,’ ‘Christine,’ ‘The Fury’ and ‘Night Of The Living Dead 90’ sold out almost immediately upon initial release. He has a few special new title announcements and goes into great detail on the business model behind Twilight Time and why they do limited runs of their select titles. Cinephiles take note – this is a great peek behind the curtain of how one of the most intriguing Blu-ray labels out there works!

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  • Shad Youngblood

    Great insight in how Twilight Time and home video releasing in general works. I have added many movies to my wish list now.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Cheers guys,
    I never knew how they came up with the name for Twilight time, Fright night and Christine are amazing releases,
    I was gutted to hear Rob’s views on Willow creek, I know Rob loves God Bless America as do I so that was a shame

    Ps I am getting a little worried about the Mike Williamson Barometer, we need to keep that in check, I think sometimes it’s Faulty 🙂