Killer POV Ep. 88: Most Anticipated Horror For 2015!

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The Killer POV crew are back and ready to kick off 2015 in style! Join hosts Rob Galluzzo (Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) as they discuss what they’re most looking forward to in the genre for 2015. But first, they catch on on the latest films they watched over the break! Rob saw the impressive low budget indie flick ‘Found,’ as well as ‘Witching & Bitching,’ George Romero’s ‘Monkey Shines,’ ‘Oculus,’ ‘Constantine’ (the movie), ‘Supernova’ and ‘Only God Forgives.’

Elric reports back on ‘What We Do In The Shadows,’ ‘The Manitou’ and the original version of ‘The Vanishing.’ Bekah revisited ‘The Canal,’ and had thoughts on the indie gem ‘Little Erin Merryweather’ and Kevin Smith’s controversial ‘Tusk!’ Then they delve into what they’re most looking forward to later this year. Titles include franchise sequels such as ‘Insidious Chapter 3’ and ‘Sinister 2,’ Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Crimson Peak,’ Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus,’ Rob Zombie’s ’31,’ ‘Tales Of Halloween,’ ‘Spring,’ ‘It Follows,’ ‘Harbinger Down’ and much, much more.

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  • Dennis Atherton

    Im always excited with the prospect of a new Rob Zombie movie. Some are better than others but they are always something you have to see.

    I have seen Tusk and I still don’t know wether I liked it or not? Its very strange

  • Shad Youngblood

    I’m excited for “31”, but I wish Zombie would move out of the 1970’s.

  • rogerlb

    I’m late here but wanted to thank Elric – I bought and watched The Canal on his suggestion and really liked it. Creepy with relatively little. Rebekah says it’s “misogynist”? Well, the entire film is through his eyes (we never leave him) so his impression of his co-worker might be she’s coming on to him but we never see her outside his perspective – the same as his wife. Is she really that much of a cliche, or is it the evil spirit talking. Thanks for the surprise.

  • Man, I hated Tusk so much.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Elric was the King of the Motel 6

    Ive still not come around on Tusk, im not ready to revisit that one
    I did enjoy hearing James Spader getting some love, for some reason I really do like Stargate, The Directors cut, and Kurt Russell always elevates movies hes in,

    That one scene in Manitou makes the whole film worthwhile
    Cheers Guys