Killer POV Ep 92: No Autographs! The Convention Episode

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This is it! The Killer POV crew, Rob Galluzzo (Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) finally devote an entire episode to the evolution of the horror convention! But first, the latest horrors they’ve seen. Rob checks out the Robert Englund ‘Phantom of the Opera’ on Blu-Ray, Bekah finally saw ‘The Guest,’ as well as ‘Transylvania Twist’ and ‘When A Stranger Calls Back.’ Elric started watching the series ‘Luther’ and reports back on the Duke Mitchell double feature ‘Massacre Mafia Style’ and ‘Gone With The Pope!’

Then they welcome very special guest Sean Clark, owner/manager of Convention All Stars and creator/host of ‘Horror’s Hallowed Grounds. They delve into their first convention experiences, when Sean became a convention agent for talent such as The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Linda Hamilton and Jamie Lee Curtis. And we discuss very candidly and openly why certain convention practices have become industry standard, from charging money for autographs to pricey photo ops and beyond. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the behind-the-scenes of the horror convention is revealed!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    Great podcast. I agree about Luther, its amazing, it gets even better and has some really dark episodes later on
    There was Loads of interesting stories about the whole convention circuit, great listening, I think a props episode could be good fun but you would have to get Sean back because he has all the best props

    I loved the Greg Nicotero story. What a cool guy,

  • Dennis Atherton

    I can understand the pricing but for me $20 is around my limit. After that it’s a bit much, though Bekah would pay $500 to meet Johnny and Me and Elric woyld pay $400 for Freddy in the make up. Its a personal thing I guess

    • CurseofZodLovesMaude

      It’s absoloute bullshit to pay more than that. I’ve paid more than that in my time, but no more. A colossal waste of money on people no one’s heard of most of the time… No one excites enough to spend that much, Unless I was motorboating Jamie Lee’s lovelies.

  • troof

    is the podcast only downloadable as a video file? most site’s have an audio version (so i can listen to it on my headphones…)

  • Dennis Atherton

    Great fun again, a really honest episode about conventions, the future for fans does not look good, the good olde days of cheap autographs and photos sounds like its gone forever, higher prices could be the way things are going, cheers guys

  • Mick Carroll

    One of my favorite episodes so far! Sean Clarke is great. Loved the John Carpenter stories.
    I can totally relate with Elric, ie having moved from Australia to Canada just 3 years ago, conventions are a new thing for me eg Calgary comic xpo, Calgary horror con and more recently travelling down for Texas Frightmare this year.
    I find disconcerting when meeting celebs who are just there for the money (eg Sam J Jones), but those that are genuine, totally make up for it (eg Don Coscarelli, Mitch Pileggi, Phantasm cast) (I always feel guilty about holding up the line when they start having a chat with me. lol). It can be disappointing when getting a cold reception from celebs… Im glad Rob mentioned Tom Savini… I thought I was the only one that thought he was a dick (after getting a sig from him @ Texas Frightmare…)