Killer POV Ep 93: Beyond The Beyond with Bob Murawski!

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Prepare yourselves as this week on Killer POV, we welcome Oscar winning editor & Grindhouse Releasing co-creator Bob Murawski for an in-depth interview! But first, the latest horrors from your hosts Rob G (Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria).

Rob checked out Alex Aja’s ‘Horns,’ as well as the Scream Factory releases of ‘Blacula/ Scream Blacula Scream’ and ‘New Year’s Evil.’ Elric reports back from the Hollywood Underground Film Festival, and talks ‘Xtro,’ the Sybil Danning skin classic ‘They’re Playing With Fire’ and ‘Messiah Of Evil.’ Bekah revisited ‘Housebound’ and ‘Vampire’s Kiss,’ and also caught ‘Cut Throats Nine,’ ‘The Maze Runner’ and ‘Annabelle.’

Then Bob Murawski joins in on the discussion! He talks about his long lasting working relationship with Sam Raimi, how he initially hooked up with Sage Stallone to form Grindhouse Releasing, the long quest to restore and release the lost Duke Mitchell cult classics ‘Massacre Mafia Style’ and ‘Gone With The Pope,’ how he initially turned down editing ‘The Hurt Locker’ which ended up winning him an Oscar for, the upcoming Blu-Ray release of ‘The Beyond’ and even the story behind the never-made sequel ‘Beyond The Beyond!’ We also talk ‘Darkman’ and what went wrong in the ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy. All this and more on the latest Killer POV!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    I’m so happy you enjoyed Xtro just as much as I thought you would Elric. I genuinely feel about this film as you do about Possession, its my favourite unsung movie, amazing practical effects, tightly edited, only 84mins long with no fat, and its starts straight away and doesn’t stop going, it has some really memorable images, you liked the birth scene, I loved the Clown and the Yoyo,

    Thank you Bekah for lending it to Elric, I will look forward to Robs verdict in the future

    This is the film I dream of getting one day on Bluray

    Best wishes from England

    Dennis atherton

    • “Practical” is the keyword for films like Xtro. It’s what made films like this special.

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Now also an XTRO fan! Avoiding the sequels… for now!

      • Dennis Atherton

        Yeah your not missing much Rob, your good to just stick with part 1, we need a bluray on our shelves one day,

  • RobertGalluzzo

    Beyond The Beyond! I want to will this sequel into existence!

    • This was a great episode, one of my favorites! Thanks for bringing it every week, Rob!

  • Dennis Atherton

    I watched Playing with fire since listening to this one, Damn this is Sybil in fine form, even better than Howling 2 and those Bond Posters, Thanks for putting it on my Radar, I have a new fantasy now involving school teachers 😉
    Bob was great to listen to again, i like his passion, great stories, and Speaking of fantasies Sam Raimi has got to be a dream guest, and Don coscarelli of course, and Bruce to talk about the new Evil Dead series, if your gonna dream Dream Big,
    Cheers guys