Out of the Blue: Ep. 100: Terry Matalas

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SyFy’s 12 Monkeys is full of smart, timey-wimey goodness. And you can thank co-creator/showrunner Terry Matalas for that. Having earned his stripes working on some shows you may have heard of, Star Trek Voyager and Nikita to just named a couple, he’s worked his butt of to create a show that’s as intelligent as it is fun. What goes into running such a technically dense show? Let’s find out. Because if you’re not watching 12 Monkeys yet, you should be.

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  • John Ikarus

    12 Monkeys can be difficult to follow.
    How about a ‘Talking 12 Monkeys’ show? Like Talking Dead.
    Help us understand what the frack is going on.

    • Kate Cummings

      Done and done. 🙂 Look up Talking Monkeys on any podcast app – that’s the official podcast with Terry, writer Sean Tretta, and usually several actors. Also, 12 Monkeys Uncaged is another great weekly podcast that picks apart each episode. Great for keeping everything straight!

      • Aw man. They should have me on that podcast.

    • Really? I don’t seem to have any trouble following it. But then again, I’ve always been into time-stuff.

  • ldypayne

    Great podcast! This guy is awesome and now I just have to add 12 Monkeys to my growing list of shows to watch. Once I am done with Jessica Jones, I will get to this 🙂 The concept of 12 Monkeys makes me think the editing must be done very carefully…don’t want to accidentally cut an important ‘clue’ for a future episode. I really do enjoy shows that require my full attention but I don’t usually watch too many like that because I just don’t have time to follow too many shows at once. I get bored with shows that have simple plots and ‘thin’ characters. I also hate dragged out storylines. One thing I have seen in some shows is they have a 12 episode ‘arc’ then a few month hiatus then another 12 episodes wrapping up the season,. Once Upon a Time does this now, I find it works. At least to view it and the ‘story’ doesn’t seem to drag or get ‘tired’ but still gives time for good character development and growth along the way.

  • Y. Frederick

    So glad about this episode! 12 monkeys is an absolutely brilliant show. It’s even topped GoT on my list of must watch shows- we buy every episode as soon as it’s available. It’s that good!