Out of the Blue: Ep. 101: Todd Helbing

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Executive Producer of CW hit The Flash – Todd Helbing worked his way up the preverbial ladder. His story has to be heard to be believed. But, it’s all true. And now he’s one of the voices responsible for one of your favorite shows on television.

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  • ldypayne

    Very informative show, I really enjoyed it. I would have sent a question if I noticed the tweet sooner. I would have asked a question completely unrelated to Flash.. I haven’t seen the series yet. My fault for not checking Twitter more often. I have watched just about ever show Todd’s worked on which is probably why the name looked familiar even before I looked it up. Very interesting to hear what he had to say 🙂 Definitely be nice to have him on again in the future.

  • Petelyonsrah

    Interesting he describes himself as introverted, David would you say most writers are like this in your industry ? I only ask as way back when i tried to act ( and failed miserably) the director told me – kid you have loads of ideas which is great but no talent to bring them alive – go write some shit.