Out of the Blue: Ep. 58: Harvey Guillen

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One of the stars of MTV’s “Eye Candy,” Harvey stops by before the season finale to give you some insight into his journey. Where he started, how he got here & what’s next — also, a live phone call to what may-or-may-not be the FBI.

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  • ldypayne

    Great Podcast 🙂 Just as a guess that Conference Call center you called, they may be a third party or internal service to route people into business meetings. I have been in a few of these VOIP type calls you dial a certain number to be allowed in. That’s my guess at what that number you two dialed. 🙂 Awesome to have Harvey on the podcast too, he’s quite funny and interesting even though I haven’t seen anything he’s been in…yet 🙂

  • Popcorn_Wizard

    sad to see his show cancelled. but i’m sure he’ll land somewhere else great. hopefully with David this time!