Out of the Blue Ep. 65: Christina Ochoa & Derek Theler

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The sexy/smart dynamic duo Christina Ochoa (Robert Rodriguez’s “Matador”) & Derek Theler (“Baby Daddy”) make it look easy: both working actors, both total nerds, both obsessed with bettering themselves AND the world they live in. Come learn what drives the super-sweet couple. Tag-team podcast begins now!

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  • ldypayne

    Great Podcast! Lots of interesting items discussed and I have to say I find both Derek and Christina very interesting people. Far more interesting than the typical people I talk to around here…David as always, awesome host for his podcasts 🙂 He’s just an entertaining guy and good looking too 🙂

    • Thanks for listening, Idypayne! David is amazing at having casual conversations with his guest and they both were amazing to hear chat about their lives and careers. Great peeps all around!

    • Awwwwww, tell me more. 😛

      • ldypayne

        It’s been awhile since I listened, so can’t remember particulars but I promise i will be far more detailed in saying everything I like in your next podcast’s comments 🙂 I do like the little games you play at the end of the podcasts…the phone game is hilarious, makes me really curious if my net name LdyPayne would result in a porn line in your area. probably best spelled LdyPain to fit. GO ahead, give it a shot, tell us all about the result 🙂 The memorial Plaque quote is always interesting too, don’t lose that one. It seems not as many people have watched Battlestar Galatica, LOST or Fringe…maybe some more popular series could be added or to replace them? I personally though the LOST ending was good, not the way I had hoped it would end but it wasn’t bad. Unfortunately I never did finish watching the new series of Battlestar Galatica…seen the first two seasons. I did enjoy it…and hey it has Lucy Lawless in it, one of my favorite actresses 🙂 Never saw Fringe. Series I would suggest…even if they haven’t ended yet…but given the time of year, many shows are ending their seasons, so how about asking what people think about the big two hour finale of Season 4 of Once Upon a Time? or once we get there Game of Thrones?

        I have to say though, listening to your podcasts i have learned far more about the acting industry and how ratings are done (importance of watching live instead of recorded or streamed…at least till networks realize people have lives and can’t always be in front of the tv at a given time. Or just really really hate commercials, especially when the come on blaring, yet the show is so hard to hear you have to crank up the volume.) Television also seems far better written with better character development than movies these days…that and it’s a pain getting out to the theater for me…far away and expensive…but I do like to watch stuff in the theatre…can’t beat the big screen for a good time when the movie is worth it.

        You have to have Rebecca Mader on your podcast again…I listened to your earlier one several times…she’s hilarious and awesome..a wonderful actress, loved her in every show I have seen her in so far. Oh speaking of which, should ask people what they think about the end of White Collar 🙂 unless you never seen it? Hearing you having a podcast with Robert Carlyle would definitely drag out my elusive fangirl squeals…trust me they are rare, like a blue moon. He was so awesome on SGU… I thought Dr. Rush and Eli had an interesting relationship, especially in the second season…Rush was not a people person but he did have heart. I like how Eli stood up at the end and volunteers to stay awake to fix the last stasis pod… shame the serious didn’t get picked up for a third year…yet if it did, Robert wouldn’t have been able to do Once Upon a Time and…sorry to say, I love him as Rumplestiltskin.

        Ok, big comment and all over the place…well twitter keeps me from rambling…but comments, I will be rambling more in future podcasts but more on topic however. I will even take notes during the podcast…they are long, i don’t’ want to forget half things i wanted to say by the time I finish listening. Unless I am on the treadmill…though that can be dangerous at times if you or your guest say something that just cracks me up…But don’t worry, I haven’t fell yet 🙂

        • Awww, mighty kind of you. ON all fronts. And I’d love to have Rebecca back, but she’s a busy little bee.

        • Thanks for the support of the show, ldaypayne! We love the comments, so keep ’em coming!

  • Jen

    Loved listening to Derek & Christina! I love that they are so passionate about their interests and about each other, supporting each other the way they do. They may have careers in Hollywood, but they are so NOT the Hollywood stereotype. Really great questions David asked, really gave great insight into who Derek & Christina are.

    • Thanks for the support, Jen! Yes, they were not only great guests, but very lovely people!

    • Right? They’re great. And thanks!

  • Ash

    I’m normally too shy to comment, but you keep asking us to so I’ve finally given in. Out of the Blue is the highlight of my week! I listen to you on my drive to/from work and have done so since episode one. Thanks for all your hard work producing these, they are genuinely a big part of my life. I think this ep is in my top 3 – what lovely, funny and amazing people Derek & Christina are. Already itching for next week’s 🙂 xx

    (p.s. my podcast player downloads without showing me the picture of your guest(s)… I like to conjure up a mental image of them while listening and then looking them up once it’s finished to see how close I was. I’ve been way off pretty much every single time!!)

    • Awww, thanks for all your support and especially the lovely comment, Ash! You should comment more often… It’s the perfect platform for a shy person! Hahaha

      That’s hilarious how you wait to see how spot-on (or not) you are about the way they look – It ads another fun element to the process. Keep listening!

    • Don’t ever be too shy to comment! I WANT to hear from you! 🙂 And thanks for the info. Nice to know I’m not crazy for making everyone introduce themselves.

  • So, I’m hearing that you guys enjoyed the episode. What was your favorite part?

  • Popcorn_Wizard

    great episode. funny and smart people in hollywood. who knew?