Out of the Blue Ep. 66: Bob DeRosa

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Screenwriting 201: The man behind the movie. Bob DeRosa is an accomplished writer, with everything from studio movies to television series under his belt. He also happens to be one of the most inspiring and supportive people I know. How, where, when and why? Listen and find out!

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  • Popcorn_Wizard

    love it! only just started the episode and i’m already laughing.

    • This was a great one! Glad you’re enjoying!

      • Ditto on all fronts. To you, too, Geeknation! 🙂

  • Glad you’re all listening! So, tell me, what questions do you want me to ask another writer I have coming on soon?

    • ldypayne

      What advice would the writer give to anybody who wants to get into that career? What sort of realistic goals they should have in mind? What or who inspired them the most in their career? In their opinion what makes a great book/script/blog etc?

  • ldypayne

    Great podcast, I found it overall very insightful about the world of the scriptwriter. Lots of things I never realized would be challenges for anybody wanting to get into this field. I found Bob’s tips for newcomers very interesting and useful too. I never realized how much the original script could be rewritten during the filming process..from pitch to production.

    As always Dave, you presented us with a great guest, fantastic questions and insights about your own process and experiences. I certainly do agree with your opinion there is a lot of crap posted on Youtube and elsewhere. But there is some real fantastic stuff too. I have seen some great fan made videos, some really awesome SG-U fan videos that just blows my mind. (great editing with clips from the series, music selection, nothing jars..a smooth transition and at least in my opinion, the theme/message flows nicely). It’s not just pictures tossed in with really bad music, often garbled or just poorly recorded.

    Thank you David for saying the word cinematography, I was trying to pronounce that word earlier and it wasn’t coming out. Now that I heard you say it, I can say it fine.

    I love Whitecollar…now I am just going to have to go through all the episodes to see which ones Bob wrote.

    The tip on having a good idea of your script’s concept ready so when asked what you are working on is very helpful and it makes perfect sense. It certainly makes it important to be able to organize your thoughts and pitch the ‘meat’ of what you are working on…instead of disjointed random stuff that isn’t likely to make any sense to somebody else.

    Getting a very general idea of what sort of income a typical writer could expect selling scripts was very interesting.

    There is so much interesting stuff in this podcast…I am definitely going to listen to it again so I can recall the good stuff. Scriptwriting has been something I have been curious about for quite some time, but never took the time to research exactly how it’s done. It does seem to have more ‘rules’ about just typical format in the presentation even before you get down to the ‘raw’ writing. Much different than your typical novel or short story manuscript style.

    I most certainly agree having bad grammar/typos all over your script when trying to show it, not good at all. I think people should go back to the old fashioned proof reading for grammar and spelling. Spellchecker in your word processor or whatever is used to write in, not always perfect. Sometimes they aren’t all that great with punctuation either. Its always amazing to be reading a novel or magazine and see two words in a row (ie: and and) or correctly spelled words…but wrong word for the sentence. Such as: There was a plain out by the field. The correct word would be plane.

    It was great Bob answered all the rapid fire questions..he saw all the shows you asked him about. I don’t remember a guest who had seen them all being on the podcast for awhile.

    Great stuff, can’t wait till next week’s podcast! Keep up the great work David and thank you Bob for taking time out of your schedule to chat with David and entertain all his fans (and your fans too)

    • Thank YOU! And I know, right? I knew there was a reason I was friend with Bob.