Out of the Blue Ep. 78: Jackson Stewart

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From CW’s Supernatural to the upcoming film Beyond the Gates, Jackson Stewart certainly seems drawn to a specific genre. The writer-director is a connoisseur of all things horror and indie, and has cultivated that love into his own unique voice. Today’s episode is all about the how’s and why’s of making movies.

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  • ldypayne

    As always a great podcast 🙂 Jackson certainly has a different approach to things than other writers and directors you have interviewed which is great, not everything has to be the same after all. The original Dark Shadows was a great soap, probably the only soap I truly enjoyed 🙂 always nice to know at least some other people have seen it and enjoyed it. Can’t wait for future podcasts even if they end up spaced apart, the wait is always worth it, in the end.

  • Slorelleh

    Pirating… its not always about not wanting to pay but sometimes actually being able to access. Perhaps if DVDs came out faster…