Out of the Blue Ep. 79: Sandeep Parikh

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“Digital Star” Sandeep Parikh has been ruling your online world for a few years now, slaying it as Zaboo in The Guild & bringing us the hilarious The Legend of Neil. Creating his own content, carving his own path and fighting the good fight. No subject is taboo – from the state of diversity to how to find money.

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  • ldypayne

    A very interesting podcast, definitely some interesting points made which I definitely agree with. I also don’t see anything wrong even for a ‘white’ person to give an opinion about diversity and equality etc. but I always like to say I keep an open mind. I personally try and see people by ‘who they are’ not ‘what they are’.

    I really like Sandeep’s mindset when approaching auditions, it really puts a far more positive and ‘fun’ spin on it.

    I love Drizzt, R.A Salvadore is a great author though it’s been ages since I read his books. The Lord of the Rings etc are more…historical fantasy in a way, far more indepth and not always an easy read when you just want something very entertaining and well written without it feeling like a history of the world the book takes place in. Though both are fantasy they are two very different styles of writing even though I love both series for different and similar reasons. TSR had some great writers back in the day, though I haven’t read the new books since Wizards of the Coast took over. Not that I don’t like WOTC or books published since they took over but more, lack of time to continue the series or read the new ones.

    Definitely be cool to have Sandeep back on the podcast again in the future 🙂