Out of the Blue Ep. 83: Matt Cohen

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Part of Kevin Smith’s SMODCast team, Matt Cohen is a man of many talents. Aside from his own podcast Bagged and Boarded, Matt also produced Max Landis’ viral video Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling and just recently launched his own Kickstarter-supported graphic novel “G.E.E.K.” So, where’d he earn all these hyphens?

Here’s Matt’s new graphic novel: http://www.geekcomicbook.com

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  • Bring on the commenting! 🙂

  • Slorelleh

    So 5 years after Lost ends I’m sitting at my desk listening to 2 guys argue for an hour and a half about all the holes and disappointments of the show. I blame you David Blue for my inability to get anything done for the next few weeks while I rewatch Lost.

    • Don’t blame me. Blame LOST! Also, thanks for listening. 🙂