Out of the Blue: Ep. 87: Arjun Gupta

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Arjun Gupta took the role of Penny from Lev Grossman’s popular book series & truly made it his own on SyFy’s newly-renewed adaptation “The Magicians.” An incredibly well-spoken and intelligent artist, Arjun sits down to wax poetic on playing in the land of “Harry Potter for adults.”

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    • AV

      great ep !

  • ldypayne

    I am so glad to have regular podcasts again, they are always so interesting. The mention of Twitter and all the other social media out there, I’ve always found it is both a pro and con in many ways. It’s a pro due to it does give you a platform to become known and recognized, but it is also a con as sometimes it is just too much and there are always those out there who find a way to profit from it in a way that isn’t to the benefit of the individuals who use it. Not so much the idea of using social media to promote a business, it is a handy tool for that but more people are becoming far to ‘open’ to the point identify theft is always a risk, not to mention getting photos put online (or videos etc) you may not want to be seen by half the world.

    One thing I like about Twitter, once I got the hang of it, it doesn’t have as much ‘clutter’ as Facebook did. It also kept me from rambling too long, that whole 140 characters only thing. It was hard at first to say something meaningful with so little characters…without resorting to random characters that can have more than one meaning…or no meaning at all. Heck, in one setting WTF can mean ‘What the F….’ but in another, it may mean White’s Tree Frog….(though fortunately in that example you can figure it out if you happen to be talking to a bunch of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts compared to just a bunch of dudes hanging out. The point is…it took me awhile to consense my ramble to 140 characters and still get my point across. It’s useful actually, so that fact alone makes me pleased I decided to jump on Twitter.

    Instagram I never liked much, Periscope I find is just…ew. Maybe it’s because I am not a fan of using narrow formats to begin with.

    Now that I took the plunge and moved from just finding behind the scenes stuff fascinating and enrolled in film school (coincidentally right when there’s starting a very large boom of productions in my area and lots of moeny being offered for films and television shows) I found it really interesting about the challenges actors and actresses in the industry have not just in getting work but also the casting/audition process. When I write scripts at first I never really gave much thought about the ethniticy of those characters or whether it woudl matter if it’s played by a First Nations person or Asian etc. Personally I don’t have anything against people based on their culture, religion, race, etc. but your podcast with Arjun and the earlier one with Sandeep has made me think more about how I write scripts and decribe characters, do I need them to be a certain ethnicy or could they be anybody who just embodies the character? It certainly has changed my way of thinking so my character descriptions aren’t locked in by skin color etc.

    I haven’t seen ‘Magicians’ but it certainly sounds like a show I would enjoy given I really do enjoy well developed and deep characters. Well written story is important to me as well and from what this show is descriped in the podcast, I will definitely check it out.

    Fantastic podcast, I found it very interesting and definitely look forward to the next one.

  • Sara van Eerde

    I enjoy your podcast and am happy to comment to help support this Podcast. I am an iTunes Podcast subscriber to this awesome podcast. I don’t comment often on Social Media to members of society that work in the entertainment industry because it has a stalker like feel to it. Great episode and discussion of the industry stereotypes. I am looking forward to the next episode!

    • Appreciate that you take the time to comment on mine! 🙂

  • Becci Slayers

    The idea of this show going away totally sucks!

    I’ve listened to every episode and love hearing the “behind the scenes” of Hollywood. I like in the UK and am a Scientist, so am nothing to do with the entertainment industry, just a fan of Stargate and whilst I didn’t like SGU (sorry) I did love Eli, so here I am! Especially loved the episode of Out of the Blue with Alaina Huffman.

    • Thanks for listening. We don’t want the show to go away, either! We just need to have a showing of our fans. Comments, likes, sharing, reviews, etc will go a LONG way to continuing the show.