Out of the Blue: Ep. 90: Razzle Dangerously & Spoiler Alert (Volume 7)

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Comedian-Actor-Podcaster Razzle Dangerously (Nerdist, Nerd Machine) has strong opinions on everything! It’s time to put that to the test with an all new episode of Spoiler Alert. But first, get to know the Razzle himself. Spoiler-laden topics include Deadpool, The Witch and life itself.

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    • Spaceman Dan

      Just wanted to say, I have been watching the main superhero shows (Arrow, Flash and Agents of Shield). I enjoy them, but I would place the order of quality as such Agents > Flash > Arrow. I feel like the quality of writing for the Arrow has been going down hill. This last season has been particularly bad and nonsensical. Flash has held pretty steady. Agents first season in particular started off rocky (that first episode was awful). It got much better as it went on. Thirds season has some absolutely amazing episodes in it. I would definitely recommend giving it a second chance.

  • ldypayne

    I enjoyed this podcast, Razzle is funny and entertaining with many interesting views.

    Being around long enough to see the Internet grow from just something one used at school or played a few games to what it is today, nothing is private on the Internet. Social Media is something that has, in my view, many downfalls. People use it too often to just say bad things about everything they encounter and the flame wars are hideous and often undeserved. Often the facts are skewered too. In the case of the Dentist shooting a lion, that went completely crazy. I personally am not a fan of trophy hunting to begin with but I don’t feel a need to ruin somebody’s life because they wanted to shoot a lion.

    I also find people are as quick to take offense on minor things and over reacting to even the slightest hint in a way that often had far worse consequences than the intent behind the initial comment in the first place. The joke about a woman’s Fight Club I thought was funny, I read it as a joke and in many ways felt it was foolish to see it as an insult. The way I see things is everything said can be taken badly if you tried hard enough to make it bad. I think people should be less sensitive or quick to take offense about things said online, or if they disagree, just state they disagree without turning every comment page into a war zone. The Internet connects us world wide now, it is feasible that something that’s typically accepted in one corner of the world is taboo in another. Think a few minutes about what you are about to type or post on the Internet on how it may be perceived by others. Also, if you don’t want the World to know something or see something, don’t post it on the Internet.

    We all have the right to voice our opinion and that also includes those people who may not like something we do like. I am personally all for equal rights, gay marriages etc but I am fine with somebody being against it. I am not fine with prosecution or violence against other people because you don’t agree with their views, etc. Telling somebody you don’t like them, is ok, hitting that person because you don’t like them, isn’t. Why, because that person has the right to not get hit for any reason.

    A shame more people can’t be accepting of both sides of an issue, regardless of whether they personally agree or disagree with the issue.

    A great podcast and I am as always looking forward to the next one. A parting word, David, don’t let the negative opinions of others get you down. There will always be negative opinions, just ignore them and seek the good opinions.