Out of the Blue: Ep. 92: Heidi Cox

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Creator of her own web series “Stalking Levar,” Heidi Cox is a writer/actress who recently wrote an article for Ms. In the Biz titled “How Stalking LeVar Saved My Life.” It’s a must-read story about her own experiences in (and finding the strength to get out of) an abusive relationship. She was kind enough to share an open and honest conversation about creation & self-empowerment.

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  • Adam Kitzmiller

    That’s our Heidi Cox. Somehow I never considered you name before but somethings you can’t un-hear. I feel like I know a real celeb. Came here to hear yours but now I have 91 more to catch up on. Looking forward to your second season. Thanks, David Blue!

    • Hope you enjoy!

    • Thanks for coming by. And for the comment. Now share with everyone you know. Everyone should hear Heidi!

  • ldypayne

    I enjoyed the podcast, so very glad Heidi got out of the situation she had been in. No woman (or man, sometimes it happens to them too) deserves to be abused.

  • ChErikS

    Just have Heidi be your co-host from now on, really enjoyed it.
    Thought she was very brave to share her story that way.

    • I’ll definitely tell her you said that!

  • Slorelleh

    Hi David,
    Re-listening to the episodes while waiting for a new one.. you mention Concessionaires Must Die in this episode, wondering when/how we will be able to watch this?