Out of the Blue: Ep. 93: Spoiler Alert! (Volume 8)

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice… was a movie. That was released. Which I saw. Stuntman/producer John Nania and actor Brian Bell also watched it. Let’s just say we have opinions. Half review, half nerd-rage, join us for this new spoiler-laden special episode.

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  • RM

    Great pod cast, I went into the movie with a general feeling I would enjoy it. Came out thinking 20 different directors had put all scenes together without ever talking to each other. You should definitely do more breakdowns like this. Hope you don’t mind one little critique, if you listen back to your cast, with the three of you all talking at once it was difficult to follow the commentary throughout . That said I really enjoy out of the blue David.

    • RIGHT? My friend Laura said “that was 10 different movies.” Crazy! And there are actually a few episodes like this. We call them “SPOILER ALERT.” This was volume 8. They’re all listed under Out of the Blue, but they’ll have the title as Spoiler Alert!

      And fair enough. Sometimes it’s hard to wrangle so many opinionated people! 🙂

      • Petelyonsrah

        Great, will check them out. Did you do star wars ? I just watched it for the second time , the first being when it was released and oh man the second time was eye opening. Poor acting, massive plot holes and terrible writing. I so enjoyed it in the cinema.
        As for your unruly guests I suggest a cattle prod, every time they talk over you just give them a little jolt, including when they say they like Batman v superman.

        • Hmmmm. A cattle prod. I like this idea.

        • Spaceman Dan

          There was a lot I liked about the new Star Wars and a lot I didn’t like. I’m really kind of tired of technical directors taking over everything. Yes, Abrams, your movie looked really nice. How about you focus on telling a really good story first and foremost.

          • I read “foremost” as “thermostat” and I was very confused.

  • ldypayne

    Never saw the movie, unlikely I ever will even before I listened to the podcast. I may watch it if it comes on Netflix but definitely not something I want to waste money on. After listening to the podcast i think I was far more entertained and laughing listening then I will ever be watching the movie 🙂

    • Hah. Great. Tell everyone to send their millions of dollars to us instead, then.

  • Petelyonsrah

    Having just watched civil war, it really puts into perspective just how pants Batman v superman really is. I loved the latest marvel movie , you should go see it. Ace.