Out of the Blue: Ep. 94: Bryan Cogman

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GAME OF THRONES! Producer / writer Bryan Cogman has been a part of the show since the beginning. A Julliard-trained actor, now he’s helping to bring us stories from the world we all love. As the show’s “official keeper of mythos,” he’s also written some amazing (if not some controversial) episodes. What’s it like to work on one of the most talked-about & loved shows of modern times? AND CAN I SQUEEZE ANY SPOILERS OUT OF HIM! 🙂

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    • ldypayne

      Awesome to have Bryan on the show, great podcast as always. Game of Thorns certainly is one of my favourite TV series and part of the reason is the unexpected brutality of it. Not that I was surprised at what would happen with Sansa on her wedding night. Bolton was certainly that type of character. I truly do hope to see him suffer for it sometime in a future episode.

      One thing that is irritating me more and more in general regarding fans (of any show, not just Game of Thorns) is some seem to expect the writers to write the show the way ‘THEY’ want it to be written…and get very critical and nasty when it doesn’t go the way they expect or want it to go. To me, that’s kind of insulting to the writers…and the show runners who put forth a huge amount of effort, time and even money to make a show as entertaining as possible. I wouldn’t like a show as much if it went the way I expected it to…It won’t surprise me, or keep me in suspense, waiting a whole week or months for the next episode or season. How fans felt about the show, their theories on what will happen next or what was meant by some phrase, item in the background or even a certain glance the character did, that sort of fan discussion/comment I do enjoy.

      The only time I would be rather miffed at writers is if they do something that just totally goes against what is established in the show either continuity wise, character wise or the overall reality of the show. If Boltan confessed he was madly in love with Sansa and treated her as kindly and simply became her ‘knight in shinning armor’ it wouldn’t fit at all, That’s not his character, no more than it would have fit with Tyrian to be cruel to Sansa in a similar way. It just wouldn’t have fit who he was either.

      • I would watch the HELL out of Game of Thorns.

    • FirstMan2013

      Nice work, enjoyed it.

    • FirstMan2013

      Love Brian and all he’s done for the show and communicating with the fan base. But I have to call hypocrisy. I’ve seen him on Twitter send tweets @ Final Draft cursing at them and saying their software sucks after it didn’t autosave. Then a couple of months ago there was a photo of him accepting an award presented by Final Draft and I didn’t see him hollering and carrying on there.

      It’s the same thing, just because they’re not writers who make TV shows, they’re still a company making a product and selling it just like HBO. Why do they deserve to get yelled at in a nasty way and embarrassed on Twitter? It’s no different from the users who do the same to Brian when they don’t like what the show has put out. Just because art is more subjective, doesn’t make it right to be nasty.

  • Jasmine Curry

    I LOVED this episode!! Just finished binge watching the first 5 seasons for the first time so it was great to hear both Bryan’s journey and some Intel on the show itself. (I’ve been closing my ears for years!) wish you could have talked even more- I could have listened to the two of you gab for hours!

    • Wow. You binge-watched all of them? I’ve been watching as they come out. I can’t even imagine how long that takes.

      And thanks. Maybe we’ll have to have him back!

      • Jasmine Curry

        It was a glorious 3 months and now we are like every other sad sack having to wait for each episode to be doled out week by week!