Out of the Blue: Ep. 97: Dennys Ilic & TJ Scott

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The dream team! Best friends and workaholics, director TJ Scott (Orphan Black, Spartacus, Gotham and more) & photographer Dennys Ilic (Daniel Radcliffe, Katee Sackhoff and more) are pairing up to open a new gallery here in Hollywood. Actor turned stuntman turned director TJ Scott has been working in Hollywood in some fashion for decades. But he’s become known for bringing his distinctive style to any of the many shows he works on. Dennys Ilic, Aussie DP turned prolific photographer, has photographed some of the hottest celebs in the industry. How did they get here and what’s next?

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  • ldypayne

    Great podcast and what an interesting pair of people. Always great to have a fellow Canadian on the Podcast 🙂 Can’t wait for more and what’s in store for that fast approaching 100th episode!

  • Bring on the comments! 🙂