Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 112: Lemon Juice Butt Cut

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NEWS HIGHLIGHTS this week include: “Game of Thrones” once again broke torrent records with 2.2-million people downloading the most recent episode within 24-hours after its premiere, Hulu is developing a TV series based on the ’90s video game “Myst,” the “X-Files” revival series will premiere on Sunday January 24th, 2016 at 10pm and will air following episodes on Monday nights, “New Girl” will not return for new episodes until 2016, Rosario Dawson is returning to “Daredevil” for its second season, “Agent Carter” has been renewed for a second season and the story will relocate to Los Angeles, and NBC has canceled “Constantine” and the cast and crew are trying to get the CW to pick up the show, “Undateable” was renewed for an all live third season on NBC making it the only comedy left on their network.

Some listeners chimed in and shared their week’s WINNERS and LOSERS online and in his now yearly tradition, Aaron tuned into the season finale of “Once Upon A Time” and gave a dissertation on what he saw.

Our LOSERS this week: “Once Upon A Time,” “Arrow,” and “Outlander.”
Our FENCERS this week: “Grimm,” “Grace and Frankie,” “SNL,” “Mad Men,” “Undateable,” and the “Grodd Lives!” episode of “The Flash.”
Our WINNERS this week:  “Agents of SHIELD,” “Bates Motel,” “Silicon Valley,” “Louie,” “HAPPYish,” “New Girl,” “The Comedians,” “Community,” “Penny Dreadful,” “Gotham,” “Game of Thrones,” and Jack finally caught up on “Vikings!”

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