Pass The Effin’ Remote: Ep. 15: The One Where Everyone’s Dead

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It’s episode number 15 and since Monday was a holiday, Jack and Aaron got drunk. News highlights: RIP to The Wire’s Robert Chew and Diff’rent Strokes’ Conrad Bain, “The Walking Dead” has a new show-runner, “Zombieland” may become a TV show after-all, and the geniuses at NBC green-lit a Jessica Simpson sitcom and compared it to “I Love Lucy”!?

Their celebratory “Holy Fuck” segment returns and Aaron sheds a tear for the series finale of “Fringe”.  For their Losers Of The Week, Aaron admits he does not get the appeal of the HBO Golden Globe winner “Girls”. HBO also gets no love from Jack as he chose “Enlightenment” as his loser. Aaron’s winner this week is FX Network, because COME ON! And Jack proceeded to surprise everyone by picking the new TBS reality show “King Of The Nerds” as his winner.

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