Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 31: A Disturbing Mixture Of Blood And Jam

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After a five month trek across the Arctic tundras, Jack Conway and Aaron Pruner have returned with the 31st episode of Pass The Effin’ Remote. News highlights this week include “Breaking Bad”‘s best ratings ever, Pixar’s upcoming ABC Halloween Special “Toy Story of Terror”, CBS’ currently in development Wizard Of Oz themed medical drama called “Dorothy” and Amber Tamblyn becoming the new half man on “Two And A Half Men.”

In this week’s Opinion Corner, Jack almost causes a traffic pile up by watching “Orange Is The New Black” on his phone and really REALLY wants to enjoy SyFy’s new series “Heroes Of Cosplay”. Aaron gives us the rundown on National Geographic’s new program “Doomsday Castle” because the end of the world is best spent…in a castle?

LOSERS OF THE WEEK – “Clear History”, “Under The Dome” and “High School USA”
WINNERS OF THE WEEK – “Breaking Bad”, “Breaking Bad” and “Breaking Bad”

To watch “StePhest ColbChella ‘013 – Time To Dance” , click here.
And because Jack won’t stop watching this kooky monkey vine video, you should watch it too!

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