Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 43:

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It’s Episode 43 of Pass The Effin’ Remote and Jack Conway is in the shame box with the bad microphone. Aaron’s now the loud one and even he’s not sure that’s a good thing. All technical issues aside, Jack discussed his awful Halloween and this past weekend’s Comikaze Expo while Aaron explained engagement photos.

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: “American Horror Story” has been renewed for a fourth season, NBC has ordered a new sitcom from Tina Fey, David Blaine’s ridiculous sounding ABC special featuring Stephen Hawking and Kanye West, FX’s new show “Texts From Bennett”, Starz’ hour long 80s porn drama called “WonderWorld” and Fred Durst’s autobiographical show called “The Noise” now in development at The CW.

In our new segment “AARON’S BOURDAIN MOMENT”, Aaron discusses highlights from this past Tokyo episode of “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” which touches on bizarre rave burlesque shows, lady boys for hire, bondage clubs, otaku, hentai porn….and of course sushi.

LOSERS OF THE WEEK – “Supernatural”, “SNL”, “The Walking Dead”
WINNERS OF THE WEEK- “Bob’s Burgers”, “Dracula”, “Sons Of Anarchy” and “The Birthday Boys”

Per Jack’s request, here’s the link to his favorite internet video of the week: OMG BISCOFF SPREAD

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