Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 54: Ivan Van Norman And The Jovenshire Return!

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In this week’s episode, we continue paying homage to our favorite nerd reality show “King Of The Nerds”. Ivan Van Norman and Joshua Ovenshire (aka The Jovenshire) return as well, to talk all things KOTN-related. Since we recorded a week ago, all the news we are reporting is old but you’ll enjoy it anyway. To round out the show, the guests and Jack play another rousing game of “Guess The Premise”!

(OLD) NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: The 2014 Super Bowl got the highest ratings ever with 111.5 million viewers, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg officially tapped to develop “Preacher” for AMC, Michael Pitt to play Mason Verger in season 2 of “Hannibal”, NBC canceled (but not really) “The Michael J. Fox Show.”

Tune in next week to hear this week’s news highlights because we’re time travelers!

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