Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 55: Throwing Glitterfits With ‘King Of The Nerds’ Contestant Xander

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It’s episode 55 and we are continuing with our “King Of The Nerds” coverage with Season 2 contestant Xander Jeanneret. We discuss everything from his involvement with the program, how he lost over 100 pounds playing Dance Dance Revolution, the challenges of being a “gaymer”, being a professional Christmas Caroler and more.

(OLD) NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: “The Walking Dead” returns to 15.8 million viewers beating The Olympics, Fred Armison is Seth Meyers’ new band leader, Fox’s cast for their new Batman themed series “Gotham” and David Fincher’s got a new HBO series called “Utopia”…

…which is the lead in to an all new episode of “GUESS THE PREMISE!”

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