Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 62: ‘Vikings’ Is Still Better…

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It’s episode 62 and we have found ourselves in the fortunate position to be joined by Paul Giamatti and Jason Statham!

Fooled ya!

We welcome back voice talent and BTVA People’s Choice Award winner Eric Bauza to the program. Joining him is friend and winner of the 2013 BTVA Breakthrough Voice Actor Award, Orion Acaba! Together, they assist Jack and Aaron in discussing this week’s news, the triumphant return of “Game Of Thrones”, David Letterman’s departure, that “G.I. Joe” episode of “Community” and more!

Oh don’t you worry your pretty little heads off, there’s plenty of funny voices exhibited in this episode and we do indeed get around to playing another rousing rendition of GUESS THE PREMISE!

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