The Bloodcast: Ep. 82: Kid-Friendly Horror – What Works & Where Did It Go?

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Bloodcast listeners have asked: What kind of kid-friendly horror is out there for my child? Well, in this episode, hosts Ryan and Clarke listened and compiled a list of titles that might work for your little one. They also explore why there has been a lack of live-action kid-friendly horror fare within the last decade or so (emphasis on live-action, not animation). But first, what have the two been watching, their thoughts on “The Leftovers,” and more!

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  • Clarke you’re right about “Monster House” the creators Dan Harmon (Community) and Rob Schrab (Robot Bastard) wanted it to be a throw-back live action Goonies/Monster Squad movie – but it sat in development hell and eventually was resurrected by Robert Zemeckis and made as an animated film (when those movies became big deal) – Fun Fact: If you google images of the premiere you’ll see Rob Schrab wearing an 80’s Tron costume! LOL