The Movie Crypt: Ep. 103: Director Scott Derrickson

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Writer/Director/Producer Scott Derrickson’s career has been an extremely exciting one to watch. What began with the direct to video HELLRAISER: INFERNO was followed up with box office gold not once but twice with THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and SINISTER. No stranger to big budget Hollywood blockbusters, Scott also directed 2008’s THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and is just weeks away from starting production on the highly anticipated MARVEL’s DOCTOR STRANGE. Listen as he sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career to date, how he got his start, why he enjoys working with actors who are willing to fully give themselves over to a role (even when they may go slightly mad in the process like with last year’s DELIVER US ROM EVIL), how he brings the same big budget sensibilities to lower budget productions, and how he’s retained the same work ethic and ambitious drive for the art of cinema throughout his journey. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered, Scott joins the guys for a fun round of “Guilty Sequel”, and while we’re confident that you’re already a fan of Scott’s work, we’re equally confident that by the end of this episode you’ll also be as big of a fan of Scott himself as we are.

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  • Thanks for posting. I loved Sinister! I’ve seen yet to see Deliver Us From Evil. But it’s on my too see list eventually. As usual. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into these on a weekly basis. Can’t wait to download and listen to this.

    • Thanks for listening, Kip. The guys put a lot into this podcast so we’re always grateful when we hear someone is enjoying it. Cheers!

  • Shad Youngblood

    I loved “Sinister” and I think “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was way underrated. It will be great when you guys have him back and he can talk about Dr. Strange. Also I think you should start listing the shirt sizes on your website based on cast members. You could start with Extra Smalll (Laura Ortiz) and finish with Kane Hodder and Tony Todd (XL and up)

    • I agree with Sinister and The Day the Earth Stood Still. I know a ton of people that just didn’t like The Day the Earth Stood Still. Not sure why.

      • CurseofZodLovesMaude

        It was too cowardly compared to the original.

  • fanny2

    Una muy buena película, me encanta poder disfrutar dirigidas por Scott Derrickson todas sus películas han sido increibles