The Movie Crypt: Ep 117: Jeff Davis

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Funnyman Jeff Davis (WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, HARMONTOWN) is such an insanely talented performer that it’s almost an injustice to try and label him as merely an actor, improv master, singer, or comedian. He is quite simply one of the greatest “entertainers” working today. Listen, laugh, and be inspired as Jeff sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss how he began performing at age 4, shared the stage with the great Yul Brynner, fell in love with the sights, sounds, and smells of live theater, auditioned for WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? so many times that he almost didn’t go back for the audition that finally landed him the show, why you’ll rarely see him without one of his signature suits on, and just how dire things were looking before a phone call informing him of his first break saved him in the nick of time.

The guys passionately bond over their respect for Tom Keifer and CINDERELLA, they trade C.C. DeVille stories (POISON’s notorious lead guitarist credited on their debut album as “Guitar Screeching’ and Hair Bleaching’), they discover where Jeff Goldblum’s eye glasses from JURASSIC PARK can be found today, they learn the secret behind a great Christopher Walken impersonation, and Jeff shares some truly inspirational and personal words on how he stays grounded, how he perceives “success”, and just how pivotal his mother was in showing him his way. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered, there’s a “Guilty Sequel” to remind you that there’s no place like home… and the importance of artists supporting other artists is realized perhaps more so than ever before.

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  • @SBofSelfAbuse

    I too was once blown away by Cinderella at a Poison show. It’s absolutely true.

  • @SBofSelfAbuse

    I also hear “Don’t you play with meevil.” haha. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

  • Digger

    I could listen to you guys talk hair metal all day.

    Also, ‘Slippery When Wet’ was my first album as well. Technically my mother bought it for me but it was the first film album that was specifically mine.

    I still love that record.

    • @SBofSelfAbuse

      It’s a total classic. 7800° Fahrenheit is great as well.

    • Adam Green

      While “Slippery” and “License” were the first records I bought with my own money as a kid in 6th grade, I thankfully already had all of the early KISS records, TWISTED SISTER’s “Under The Blade”, “You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll”, and “Stay Hungry”, BOSTON, OZZY’s “Diary of a Madman” and “Blizzard of Ozz”, and LED ZEPPELIN’s first four albums thanks to a combination of birthday gifts and albums that my older brother passed down to me for my listening enjoyment on my original red Fisher Price record player. Definitely shaped my childhood and spawned a life-long addiction to records!

      • Digger

        Yeah, I grew up with my sisters’ record collection which had KISS and Queen and awful crap like Bay City Rollers. And my parents had a lot of 50’s rock and roll that I loved as well.

      • @SBofSelfAbuse

        I started out on tapes, and not sure what I got first, but I definitely remember the first CD I bought: Poison’s Flesh & Blood. Followed by Slaughter: Stick it to Ya, Warrant’s Cherry Pie, and Cinderella’s Heartbreak Station. Back when CDs came in those big boxes.

        • Jake Scurto


  • I just listened to this episode again, and this was serously one of the best conversations of the podcast yet. So unbelievably inspirational and heart-warming. Thank you!

    Also, getting a shoutout about my interview with Adam was like the highlight of my week. You guys are awesome!

  • Shad Youngblood

    I loved the episode and my favorite part was the 30 minutes on Cinderella. It was like being in a bar and listening to the people next to you. Be sure to let us know how the concert goes!

  • Paul Lee

    best podcast are where you listen and at some point you forget that its a podcast.It begins sounding like a bunch of friends hanging out , at may comic shop and just talking. And that’s what Mondays show did if felt like. Thanks Guys