The Movie Crypt: Ep 122: Jordan Ladd

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Actress Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF, CLUB DREAD, GRACE) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a passionate discussion that covers not only her long career in front of the cameras but the honest truth of just how never-ending the struggle actually is for ALL actors. Listen as Jordan reveals how she set out to prove herself and build her career her own way despite having parents and grandparents that are nothing short of Hollywood legends. From sadly having to pass on what could have been her first major break in DOOM GENERATION, to just how confusing the audition/casting process can be (Jordan was almost in Joe Lynch’s WRONG TURN 2… only Joe never even knew about it until THIS podcast!), to working on sets with iconic filmmakers like Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino… and working on sets where no one involved with the project was doing it for the right reasons, to the long lulls in-between gigs where all hope can seem to be lost, to the importance of sticking with an agent or manager that truly believes in you and not falling for for the song and dance of a bigger agency full of empty promises, to her stance on doing nudity on screen, to the reality of how behind the scenes politics beyond your knowledge can make your life miserable, to how one bad decision from a producer, studio, distributor, or sales company can (almost) kill a movie in its tracks before it even gets its chance to be seen, to the importance of having the true unconditional love of a pet in your life, to how she personally remains focused and determined even during a business climate when things seem incredibly dire… this is exactly the kind of truth, passion, and inspiration that you listen to The Movie Crypt for.

Follow everyone on Twitter at @liljsez, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Movie Crypt (where future guests are announced and “Viewer Mail” is collected) and don’t miss your chance to meet Adam, Joe, and Jordan in person at the following upcoming events this October:

October 2nd – 4th: Adam Green at the Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, Colorado screening both HATCHET (on a rare, unrated 35mm print from Adam’s personal collection – the only print of the full version of HATCHET in existence in the US) and HATCHET 2 (the unrated, Director’s cut on 35mm). Kane “Victor Crowley” Hodder also appearing. Jordan Ladd at Monster-Mania Con in Hunt Valley, Maryland.
October 10th: Adam Green in-store appearance/signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California supporting the release of TALES OF HALLOWEEN.
October 16th – 18th: Joe Lynch (and also former Movie Crypt guest Bobcat Goldthwait) at the Syracuse International Film Festival in Syracuse, New York screening EVERLY, a one-time only cut of CHILLERAMA: ZOM-B-MOVIE, and Chuck Russell’s THE BLOB. Adam Green at the Rock And Shock horror and music convention in Worcester, Massachusetts doing a 3-day signing/photo appearance for fans and a panel discussion about his filmography.

Sorry, no scheduled appearances for Arwen at this time.

  • Thanks for posting guys. Can’t wait to listen to this. So as usual great work, and taking your time to do these weekly podcasts. We really appreciate it.

  • Adam Green

    The bad foreign sales GRACE poster that we were unaware was made until seeing it in Variety (as discussed in this episode):

    • RolandDeschain1 .

      Yeesh! Looks like a tacky horror paperback cover from the 70’s.

      Reminds me of those sham poster competitions Sony ran for RESIDENT EVIL and SILENT HILL. They claimed that the best fan-made poster would become the official artwork and people could vote on them. Some of the finalists were mind-blowing in their creativity and imagination.

      So, of course, in both instances the studio just went for the most boring, generic one that they probably had paid a marketing company tens of thousands of dollars for in the first place.

  • Adam Green

    The actual theatrical poster that was made for GRACE 1 month later (by comparison):

  • Paul Lee

    well i had a dvd copy of Grace, Sadly I loaned it out few years back…never to be seen again,guess i need to find a blu ray copy now. Funny part is a friend the bummed it once , ended up naming her daughter Grace, don’t think it was because of the movie but if it was, thats kinda messed up. Thank you guys and Jordon for talking about being down on your luck and never giving up and keeping trucking along. Before i opened my new shop i had almost given up, figured i would work at a factory till i died. But due to hard work and my awesome family a friends i now own a thriving shop, and now i also run a local comic and more con. Where i always try to find local movie makers and give them a table to show their wares and talk to genre fans, and because of my good luck , we run the event as a charity event, i dont make one penny of the door or booth space, everything the con makes goes to local charities, this Time around one our favorites is a no kill animal shelter, and a toys for tots program. Only money i make is as a vendor, but i put in time gather guests, and and seeking Donations for raffles and door prizes, I have developed good relationship with Image entertainment, Zenescope comics, and Senti entertainment…so that Helps. Adam it’s great hearing home much you still do for others and knowing that there are other doing the same as i am trying to do. Also Joe Finally got a copy of Everly , blew me away .. Please keep kick ass, and now to wait for next monday

    • Adam Green

      FANTASTIC to hear all of this, Paul! Congratulations on your success with your own business and your charity work! Always great to hear that there are more of us out there. – AG

      • Paul Lee

        thanks it’s good to hear, this is kinda my Steven Tyler Congrats

        • Paul Lee

          Grace has one of the most striking and haunting posters , also so minimalist , and I really think that works better than about anything else could …In and odd way reminds me very much of the classing cover to Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, with the black cover,Embossed face of a little girl,drop of blood in the corner of her mouth. Not much there but what is , well is chilling

  • Bryce Tucker

    God every episode of this podcast makes me so nervous yet excited to get into film. It’s an awesome thing, because even though you always talk about getting shit on, all it does is reassure the fact the film is where I need to spend the rest of my life. I can’t thank you guys enough for these podcasts.

    • Adam Green

      Bryce- this is so nice to hear. And remember- NO FEAR. Like I said in this episode about the whole “being on a roller coaster and just having to go with it”… there is no turning back if this is what your heart is telling you to do with your life. The entire reason that Joe and I conduct this program the way we do and the honesty that we (and our extremely generous and gracious guests) lay on the line is to remind fellow artists like yourself that we ALL face insane hurdles at every level of perceived success and that if we can each keep going then so can you. Whether it is a career in film or a career as a banker- a dream is a dream and it is all relative. As many who have appeared on The Movie Crypt have stated, while we understand why so many choose to stand behind a facade of “everything is perfect” in an effort to sell themselves to the world as having “made it” or in an effort to present themselves as having it all figured out and under control… I personally would have killed for a show like this when I was first starting out 20+ years ago. So many industry professionals of all levels listen to this podcast every week now because they can relate so well to the honesty that is spoken and it reminds them that they aren’t doing it all wrong or failing miserably simply because of the many hurdles or set backs they face. From the A-list to the D-list to those who haven’t even gotten a foot in the door just yet, we’re all just human beings going through the same trials and tribulations regardless of how unique each of our personal paths may be. I’m so happy to hear that you’re reassured in your choice to go after what you love and I hope that as you face your own inevitable hard times that you are able to reflect back on something that you heard here and remember that it’s all good and just part of your journey. Now… get back to work and perhaps someday we’ll be discussing your story on the show. – AG

      • Bryce Tucker

        I can’t say I’m actually fearful of my choice, ever since film saved my life in middle school I knew this was the career for me. It’s more like that nervousness when you’re standing at the edge of a pool that you know is freezing cold, but you also know you’re going to jump in anyways.

        You guys have really inspired my to stop putting it off “until I get a good DSLR,” or “Until I go to Film School.” Obviously I could wait, or I could just start now and already be focused and organized before I even get to those points, so that when I do it won’t make me as a film maker, it will make me a better film maker. If only one person in every class in film school makes it I’m going to do the best I can to make sure it’s me, and it seems like the best way to do that is to get all the failures out before hand so that i can only go up from there. So I’ve already been working my ass off laying the foundation for it all, Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat.

        I would also like to mention how fucking cool it is that on top of giving us 2 hours of content on The Movie Crypt every week you also stick around to actually directly talk to the fans, and with such long responses. Obviously we’re all just human’s, but the fact that the people who haven’t broken through can get acknowledgment from someone with your success in the genre is amazing. Better believe I’m walking into film school day one with a Movie Crypt T-shirt.

    • Stay nervous AND excited! After about a year of listening to The Movie Crypt (on top of having a lifelong love and passion for film) I decided to sell most of my belongings, pack up what was left into a Jeep and leave my family and friends in Indiana (after living there for 33 years) to chase a crazy dream of working in the entertainment industry in ANY facet I could manage to wiggle a toe into. I had friends in Phoenix who were willing to aid in my escape from the midwest and I thought that was a nice place to post up for a year or so, work and save up enough money to move to LA. Through sheer luck and chance(?) I stumbled on a help wanted ad for a part time gig doing admin work for a film sales agency which has offices here as well as in LA. I’m currently working that job plus day-jobbing as a graphic artist and after a couple months I’m being fast tracked in training to become a film sales agent. These folks said they’re just thrilled with my tenacity, drive to learn and the love and knowledge I have of this business. It’s really interesting (and heartbreaking at times) learning THIS side of the industry after being on the creative side working on a few low budget productions back home. Just go for it, Bryce. Get out there and do what you love. You never know what might happen until you just go for it! Best of luck to you, man. Never give up.

      • Adam Green

        So awesome to read. Terrific advice. KEEP GOING!! (We need more competent sales agents out there that actually love movies. No pressure- but we’re all counting on you.) – AG

  • David Rosilez

    Wow…I loved Grace (this episode reminds me, I need to re-watch it again), and that story about them trying to alter the sound mix to alter the context of the movie was insane.

    As Jordan mentioned early on, I’m addicted to this podcast and am burning through back episodes. Heartbreaking, inspiring and hilarious all at once. I’m not involved in film, but I credit this podcast with furthering my inspiration to drive forward with my own creative endeavors.

    • Adam Green

      Thank you, David!

  • Julien Turner

    Great episode guys, as honest and endearing as ever. Always knew Jordan was an amazing actress so it’s awesome to know that she’s an equally amazing person!

  • stepstone73

    Can’t download 121 or 122 onto my Ipod or iPhone… is that my problem or something else?

    Either way, I’m seriously having wicked withdrawal symptoms.

    • Hi there. We are aware of the issue and our tech team is currently focused on the problem – We’re hoping the bug will be fixed shortly and we thank you for your patience.

      –The GN Team

  • Jason Zink

    I know that this is beyond overdue but I just got around to listening to this episode and couldn’t have listened to it at a better time. Shooting our next feature in September on a shoestring budget and it was a breath of fresh air to hear people much higher than me in the industry still feeling a lot of the same worries and anxiety that I have. Just keeping my fingers crossed and plugging away. Shot a mock trailer, then funded a Kickstarter and now getting ready to shoot. One frustrating step at a time. But I’d always choose the stress of creating over the distress of not.

    P.S. I can’t wait for Holliston season 3!