The Movie Crypt: Ep. 141: Parry Shen

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Actor Parry Shen may be best known for his on screen roles in films like BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, TV shows like GENERAL HOSPITAL, and as the true unsung hero of all three movies in the HATCHET franchise… but he’s also provided voices and/or motion capture performances for popular video games like SLEEPING DOGS, WORLD OF WARCRAFT: MISTS OF PANDARIA, and MORTAL KOMBAT X, he’s co-created the graphic novels SECRET IDENTITIES and SHATTERED, and most recently he has stepped into the producer’s hot seat with the films UNIDENTIFIED and (the upcoming) BLOODHOUND. Find out how it all happened, how Parry found a way to live rent-free when he first got to Los Angeles, where Applebee’s fits into his career journey, how times have or have not changed for decent Asian American roles, and just why Adam has so often referred to Parry as his “secret weapon” in his own work. Unfortunately Joe had to miss this recording due to being on a double secret covert mission, but your excellent “Viewer Mail” is answered and a good time is still had by all.

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