The Movie Crypt: Ep 153: Jason Charles Miller

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“Oh yeah!” Musician and actor Jason Charles Miller (GODHEAD, WONDER WOMAN (2009), BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS PART 2) joins Adam and guest co-host Roxanne Benjamin to discuss his journey from a 5 year old with a dream of being a lead singer… to singing opera and musicals… to forming and fronting the successful industrial band GODHEAD… to performing as both a solo artist and voice-over actor. From landing his first record deal to landing his SAG card with a pop tart and two simple/screamed words, Jason discusses both the art of his craft and the ever changing business behind it. Containing advice, personal experiences from the road (including gunfire and tour buses), and inspirational anecdotes, this is a conversation you’re sure to enjoy.

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  • Paul Lee

    Hello Guys, Mike Patton did the voices for i am legend, and did work and the darklings from darkness Video game. Exodus only band member to never leave is Gary Holt ,and he replaced Kirk Hammett. And I Guess i met Joe at Dragon Con back in the day ….that shit is crazy. Great show super cool , keep up the awesome work Adam

    • Paul Lee

      sorry to ramble was writing that comment when a bunch of customers walked in to my shop, and i was trying to hurry and finish

  • Matthew Jendrzejewski

    Awesome show guys .And i also wanted to say that I listened to the Jessie snider episode like 5 times.It was fuckin great !You guys are great!

  • Jesse Knight

    Fantastic show! Going on three views (listens) now and no I’m not crazy…. maybe no life lol (price of living in remote areas)
    Anyway keep up the good work and praise be to the Film Gods. All mortals must binge on Ariescope!!!

    • Adam Green

      THANK YOU, Jesse! So appreciated.

  • One-Eye

    I started listening to this and I was like “Ahhhh, ‘shit closet’ guy!!”

    I’ve always thought that voice-over artist would be the greatest job to have. You go and spend the day sitting in a nice quiet booth, do your thing then go home and cash a nice paycheck.

    Some voice artists these days, especially in video games, are now having to pull on the ping-pong ball suit and actually do performance capture, not just provided the voice.