The Movie Crypt: Ep 181: Source Point Press

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Adam and Arwen get animated as they talk comic books with the guys behind Source Point Press (HOLLISTON “Friendship Is Tragic”, MONSTROUS): Travis McIntire, Joshua Werner, and Stephen Sharar.  Find out what it takes to not just create, write, draw, and edit comic books- but to start your own publishing company from the ground up.  From traveling the endless convention circuit getting the word out, to the financial life gamble of putting everything you’ve got into starting your own endeavor, to the challenges of being your own boss, to practically giving away your work for free in the beginning… a life in comics is not as easy as these guys might make it look.  Including an extensive conversation about the making of HOLLISTON “Friendship Is Tragic” (available now in comic book stores or AUTOGRAPHED directly from and how timing was everything in getting Adam to allow a newer company to produce an official HOLLISTON story after turning down so many other companies before them… things get real and colorful.  Think you have what it takes to make a living doing something you love?  Listen, learn, and go for it!

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  • Jennifer Mccarthy

    As someone who runs an internet business and has an extensive seller network, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that the USPS gives zero fucks about how mail is delivered, especially packages. And of course people expect the business to eat the cost. Aaand of course us kind hearted artist types can’t help but oblige.

    • Adam Green

      YOU get it!

  • Derezzed Digital

    another good one in the books