The Movie Crypt: Ep 182: Scott Weinberg

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Critic and film producer Scott Weinberg (FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, Nerdist) joins Adam and Joe to discuss his career as an on-line film critic and his first foray into film producing with the phenomenal upcoming horror/comedy FOUND FOOTAGE 3D.  From the highs and lows that come along with having an opinion on-line, to surviving the ever changing landscape of writing for websites that can change ownership and directions overnight, to the art of writing critically and honestly vs coming off mean spirited towards a film, to stepping over the line into the role of filmmaker- there’s much to learn in these compelling and fun two hours including a special visit from former Movie Crypt guest Drew McWeeny who discusses the new MUST HEAR podcast that he and Scott do together and one that is sure to become another of your weekly favorites.

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  • Jennifer Mccarthy

    My wonderful 7 year old son got a snack size bag of Frito’s while trick or treating and immediately said “this is crap.” I had to stifle a laugh as I told him not to be rude to people. I see a Star Wars movie playdate with Adam’s g/f and Joe’s kids in the near future if it hasn’t happened already. I have to disagree with needing to know how films are made in order to properly critique them. As a fan (#asafan) I watch movies for entertainment. How hard someone worked on it doesn’t change how the film itself makes me feel. It may give me a better appreciation of the film and it’s process but that is secondary to what emotions it initially evoke in me.

    • revengeofzodlovesmaude

      Totally need to know how films are made… that’s the problem with most griping nerds is they have no clue and it shows.

  • One-Eye

    Weinberg and McWeeny’s podcast is highly recommended. Especially if you are ‘of a certain age’ who can draw a lot of nostalgia from it.