The Movie Crypt: Ep 183: Emily Hagins

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Filmmaker Emily Hagins (MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE, Netflix’s COIN HEIST) sits down with the boys to discuss her journey from 14 year old Austin filmmaker (seriously, she was just 14 when she made PATHOGEN – what did YOU do this week?) to taking the plunge out West into Hollywood and away from the comforts and local support of her home town.  One of the best examples you’ll ever hear of someone defying the odds simply by getting out there and doing it, Emily’s down to earth and extremely realistic attitude is sure to inspire you to finish that screenplay, gather up your friends, and start SHOOTING something immediately.

NOTE: Since the recording of this episode Netflix has moved the release date for Emily’s film COIN HEIST to January 6th.

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  • John Balis

    I am having trouble downloading this episode as well as past episodes on the Android app podcast addict. Any help or guidance would be great

    • Adam Green

      There’s a “contact” link at the top of this page. Please email GeekNation directly and let them know about the technical problem you’re having.

    • Hi there. We are aware of the issue and our tech team is currently focused on the problem – We’re hoping the bug will be fixed shortly and we thank you for your patience.

      –GN Team

  • Jennifer Mccarthy

    Just when I think I’m gonna get through an episode without tearing up Adam hits me in literally the last minute. Dammit.