The Movie Crypt: Ep 189: Fright Night

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Writer/director Tom Holland joins Adam and Joe to provide a commentary track for Tom’s 1985 classic FRIGHT NIGHT. Though this commentary was recorded during last August’s 48-hour live marathon broadcast to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue, the boys open this episode with a 45 minute discussion about recent events such as Joe’s four episodes of YouTube Red’s new horror anthology series 12 DEADLY DAYS, their fanboy love for ROGUE ONE, their heartbreak over the loss of Carrie Fisher, the new HATCHET comic book series, and more.

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  • Derezzed Digital

    wow thank you for this one i guess this is where i nodded off i remember the end but everything in the middle was new to me. the last thing i remember is my wife walking in saying “your STILL UP” yes it the fright night commentary. she picked up her shoe threatened me with it “go to sleep i have to work today”. that prompted my response ” you have to have faith for that to work” and that all i remember and something about my kids being bland.

  • One-Eye

    Tom Holland is such a blast to listen to. He should definitely be one of 2017’s return guests.

    I think Adam and Joe are incredibly fortunate to have found a mentor figure in someone like him.