The Movie Crypt: Ep 190: Kristina Klebe

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Actress Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN 2007, CHILLERAMA, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) shares her career story with Adam, Joe, and Arwen in this fun, hilarious, and extremely candid conversation. Listen as three old friends discuss everything from Kristina’s early years literally not speaking a word, to learning how to speak two languages fluently, to life as a “New York” actor, to landing a Spike Lee film only to find out at the premiere that her scene had been cut from the movie, to how she wound up in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, to stepping behind the camera to direct, and beyond. Unfiltered, honest, and brave… this is exactly why you listen to The Movie Crypt as religiously as you do. (It’s a gooood one.)

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  • Derezzed Digital

    awesome thanks for the love guys.

  • Derezzed Digital

    sending over nice lil star wars note book with covers that will bring you and joe so much fun.

  • Jon

    Just listened to the episode– no lie, I was one of the people to drive Chris Doyle back and forth to NY while he shot “Lady in the Water.” Your description was… accurate. He is incredibly talented, and a hell of a nice guy– if a bit all over the place. But to have the opportunity to talk about film and cinematography with him while we drove was an amazing experience.

  • One-Eye

    Kristina is such a great guest. And I just noticed that KILLER MERMAID is on iTunes.

    Guess what I’ll be watching this weekend. 😀

  • Amanda Oaks

    Absolutely loved this episode!! It’s about time someone had Kristina Klebe on. She is such an amazing actress & director and as you mentioned so good at so many other things, it’s crazy! I have had the pleasure of meeting her several times and becoming friends over the last few years with her & she always has so many amazing stories to tell and she’s just so intelligent that there is never a dull conversation. It’s nice to hear someone in the business who has had ups and downs but is so passionate for what they do and to hear a female perspective. BTW I laughed for a straight ten minutes over the Rob Zombie impressions you guys did, seriously on the floor laughing. Keep up the amazing work Adam & Joe!