The Movie Crypt: Ep 192: Steve Johnson

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Special FX maestro and author Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS, SPIDER-MAN 2, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA) discusses his career and how he made the choice to step away from it all… only to come back even stronger. With his new tell-all book “RUBBERHEAD: SEX, DRUGS, & SPECIAL EFFECTS Volume One” now available, Johnson pulls no punches with Adam, Joe, and Arwen and tells it like it really is- from the heyday of his special effects work, to the rise of CGI, to the sinking budgets and terrible business model of the current industry, to closing his studio and heading off to the amazon to find and better himself in some truly unconventional ways, to finding new artistic life as a writer. Including a special appearance from Adam’s mother in the beginning of the episode where she answers listener questions- this episode is truly a MUST LISTEN.

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  • Derezzed Digital

    love that there was total silence then you hear “she has a dick” lol And mom sounds like such a doll and yes chester copperpott would want you to eat the ice cream. ha just realized when folks read this comment they will just be confused if they haven’t listened yet

  • Kyle Martin

    Going to Peru in April, even though I don’t plan on taking the hallucinogenic’s that Steve was talking about, it was exciting to hear his stories! Disappointed to not hear any orgy stories though! Adam and Joe, keep creating! Can’t wait for the new movies/Holliston!

  • Ben

    Great episode. Steve is awesome. Huge fan of the guy. Will be picking up his book for sure. Loved the new segment with Ask Adam’s mom.

  • Isaac Austin

    Is Steve trolling us with that Twitter handle? I can only find him @stevejohnsonfx1, and that hasn’t been updated in over a year!

    As always, great episode. I didn’t realize that I have been such a Steve Johnson junkie for most of my life. It’s a shame that his FX career shook out the way it did, but it’s great that he has found his true happiness. Best regards!

    • Adam Green

      Steve is on Instagram: @SteveFuckinJohnson

      • Isaac Austin

        I must have the reading comprehension skills of a potato. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Mccarthy

    Adam, your mom is a gem. Please bring her to rock and shock. As someone who has been “gifted” I really appreciated how she answered that question about your ex. One of the themes I have noticed with a lot of your guests and the two of you as well is that all artists bleed for their work. It’s never easy for any of us. But, our dissatisfaction or need to do better is often our driving force. We can’t not do what we do how we do it. And if if I ever form a band Digital Blood will be our first album title.