The Movie Crypt: Ep 194: Film School Part 1

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In “Part 1” of The Movie Crypt’s two-part FILM SCHOOL special, Adam, Joe, and Arwen sit down with ArieScope Pictures’ intern and recent NY Film Academy graduate Casey Hempel. Listen as the boys dive in to Casey’s personal journey thus far and discuss the complete film school experience with someone who just completed an MFA program only two weeks ago. Why did Casey choose to go to film school – not just for an undergraduate degree but for an MFA, as well? What was her educational experience really like? What has she already accomplished through her various studies? What has her internship program at ArieScope been like? Does Adam Green’s office really scare her? Most importantly… what happens next?

This episode is extremely insightful for anyone wondering if film school may or may not be for them and best of all – it’s all candidly told from a recent graduate’s perspective. Don’t miss next week’s “Part 2” when Adam, Joe, and Arwen are joined by NY Film Academy’s David O’Leary and discuss film school from the perspective of a current professor.

Follow along with Casey’s journey as she conquers Hollywood and achieves all of her hopes and dreams by befriending her on Twitter: @CaseyJHempel. And hey, while you’re at it why not also follow @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green, too? Want to keep hearing this podcast every week and earn yourself a passing grade in how to properly say “mayhem?” Then feed Arwen a treat by donating to this program in the “Buy Stuff” store at

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  • Derezzed Digital

    wishing her all the success in the world

  • Dominic Wieneke

    Another excellent episode. Love the continued honesty.