The Movie Crypt: Ep 195: Film School Part 2

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In “Part 2” of The Movie Crypt’s two-part FILM SCHOOL special, Adam, Joe, and Arwen sit down with screenwriter and NY Film Academy Professor David O’Leary.

Why go to film school? If it just isn’t in your financial cards does it really matter if you don’t go? What programs are film schools teaching right now? Do film school students really pirate movies and contribute to the demise of the very industry they are paying so much to go to college for? From David’s own journey as an intern turned executive turned screenwriter/producer… to how to best pitch a project… to how to best go about breaking in… to where things are headed now… to the many free ways you can educate yourself if film school isn’t in your future… this episode completes The Movie Crypt’s in-depth look at the educational options for a career in Hollywood.

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