The Movie Crypt: Ep 200: John Landis

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Filmmaker John Landis (ANIMAL HOUSE, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, TRADING PLACES) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a fascinating discussion that brings The Movie Crypt podcast across the 200 episode mark in a huge, huge way.

An idol and mentor to both Green and Lynch, John Landis is one of the true icons of cinema and has literally worked in every single production position (except for hairstylist) at this point in his long, successful career. Listen as he delivers unforgettable anecdotes, shares incredible Hollywood stories, and explains why if you’re the type who wants to give up… then just maybe you should.

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Although this episode came way closer than you’ll ever know to being our LAST episode, we’re making one last stand before hanging up our microphones for good.

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  • One-Eye

    If anyone needs their own series of podcasts it’s John Landis. I reckon you could throw out the name of any director and he would have a killer story about them.

    And congrats on reaching 200 shows. Of course I’ll contribute to the Patreon. It’s the least I can do since I live in another country and buying merch from the US can become very expensive. So I’m glad to be able to contribute in a more direct way.

    Vive La Movie Crypt!!

    • Adam Green

      Thank you for helping support us! And YES- John Landis literally has a story for every single project or artist that has ever existed in Hollywood. We could listen to him speak for years and years and we’re so happy that our audience can experience exactly what it’s like to get to spend time with him. Joe and I are both so fortunate to know him and he’s always been incredibly kind to us, beyond generous with his time, and extremely supportive of what we both do. Something we’ll never ever take for granted.

  • Adam Green

    As announced at the end of this episode, THE MOVIE CRYPT now has a Patreon program where listeners can support us more easily than ever before. Thank you for helping us keep this podcast going:

    • Stephen Macdonald

      I’m on it.

      And I’m really looking forward to listening to the JOHN FRIGGIN LANDIS episode!!!!!!!! Congratulations on getting such a TOP guest. I love his movies and he’s a fascinating filmmaker to listen to.

      I became a fan of yourself and Joe from listening to the podcast, so I’d hate it to end. I really hope this Patreon thing works out for you.

      Wish you both all the best for the future, in work and in life.