The Movie Crypt: Ep 202: Jordan Peele Returns

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When Jordan Peele (GET OUT, KEY & PEELE, KEANU) last sat down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen he was about to embark on his feature film directorial debut. Well… 3 years, 160 episodes, and GET OUT’s record breaking 150+ million dollar take at the box office later … one might say that Jordan’s first time at bat was a home run. The first black filmmaker in history to have his debut feature pass the 100 million mark at the box office, Jordan’s unparalleled success is certainly an experience that you can find incredible inspiration from hearing about. The three filmmakers geek out hard and dive deep into Jordan’s process making the film, Jordan shares the incredibly touching reason why he wanted to come back on the podcast again, and listeners who support the show have their “Viewer Mail” answered and receive some “Hollywood Therapy” from Dr. Arwen in this fantastic episode with one of THE MOVIE CRYPT’s greatest and most favorite guests.

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  • One-Eye

    GET OUT actually comes out tomorrow where I am and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

    I’m glad it got a strong marketing campaign behind it. You mentioned it briefly but I think KEANU was definitely hurt by its marketing, which was based entirely around the promise of cute kitty antics; and if you’ve seen the movie you now that that is actually a very small part of what it is. In fact, it’s interesting to hear Jordan basically admit that the cat was pretty much a ‘MacGuffin’ all along.

    Horror is having a pretty strong run right now. It feels good.

  • Derezzed Digital

    more awesome the second time around looking forward to other second time guests