The Movie Crypt: Ep 203: Jon Schnepp

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Filmmaker Jon Schnepp (METALOCALYPSE, THE VENTURE BROS., THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES: “What Happened?”) literally does it all. Best of all, he makes the things that he wants to make and that we want to see- whether they fit the typical film/TV mold or not. From insanely creative animated television shows, to documentaries, to comics (his new SLAYER comic is now available!), to designing graphics (MIND OF MENCIA), to editing (THE ORLANDO JONES SHOW), to voice-over acting (AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE), to hosting superhero streaming shows (COLLIDER HEROES), and beyond… Jon’s journey has included every aspect of story telling in all sides of the production process. Listeners who support the podcast have their “Viewer Mail” answered and receive some “Hollywood Therapy” from Dr. Arwen while the three filmmakers provide sincere inspiration on how to go about pursuing true creative passions against all odds in this geek-tastic episode with one of Hollywood’s most passionate, intelligent, and talented fellow “nerds.”

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