The Movie Crypt: Ep 204: LIVE In Chattanooga!

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On Saturday April 8, 2017 Adam and Joe performed an episode of The Movie Crypt in front of a live audience at the Chattanooga Film Festival in Tennessee. The filmmakers were on hand to present 10th Anniversary screenings of Green’s HATCHET and Lynch’s WRONG TURN 2 as well as Lynch’s new film MAYHEM — which took home the festival’s most prestigious award of all… “The Audience Choice Award!” In this episode they conduct audience Q&As about HATCHET and WRONG TURN 2, have a conversation about putting on a film festival with CFF’s director Chris Dortch, bring back a retired segment that is an audience favorite, and are joined by one of the podcast’s most favorite guests – C. Robert Cargill (DR. STRANGE, SINISTER). You’re gonna have as much FUN listening to this one as the boys had recording it!

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