The Movie Crypt: Ep 205: Evan Katz

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Filmmaker Evan Katz (CHEAP THRILLS, SMALL CRIMES- available now on Netflix!) sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share his incredibly inspiring and humbling story thus far. From a self-proclaimed screw up with no direction in life… to becoming a successful filmmaker who now gives the directions, Evan is living proof that it is never too late to find your path and that only you decide your fate.

Listeners from our Patreon community have their “Viewer Mail” / “Hollywood Therapy” questions answered, Arwen gets fussy trying to get on a mic, and the boys add star wipes galore in this terrific conversation that you are sure to love.

Everyone is on Twitter: @EvanLKatz, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green. Become a member of THE MOVIE CRYPT community by supporting the podcast on Patreon:

  • Adam Green

    NOTE: (Posted at 11:35am PST on Monday 5/1) We are aware that this episode cuts out after just 45 minutes. Just an odd technical glitch with the upload- but don’t fear- it is being fixed ASAP so please check back later (here and on iTunes)!

    • Adam Green

      This is now fixed. Thank you for your patience!

  • Chip Brandstetter

    Thanks for another kickass episode.

  • mbetz13

    It is funny to hear about the “haunted wine cabinet”, i went on a ghost tour in galena illinois and at the end they take you to their store to maybe purchase something, well they had all of these empty wine bottles with candelabras that were “haunted”, needless to say but i bought one and display it with pride. EL’s movie could of went the friday the 13th tv series route, you buy this wine bottle from the ghost tours, bring it home, put it in your cabinet and shit happens. I got nothing for adam with the scary stove situation tho haha. Keep kicking ass boys!