The Movie Crypt: Ep 214: Barbara Crampton

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Happy 4th of July Weekend!!! We kick this week off with a bang (safely, mind you) with iconic actress Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, BEYOND THE GATES, WE ARE STILL HERE, YOU’RE NEXT) who we’ve been dying to come on and finally made it happen. Dream do come true kids!
Barbara shares tales from her early career, what led her to La La Land and finding herself on set with one of the most iconic Horror Doctors in the genre to her recent hot-streak, working with some of the best young filmmakers in the indie scene and cementing her status as of of the Queens of the Genre. Joe and Adam also share their love for the late Adam West, we answer your Viewer Mail and Hollywood Therapy & Joe can’t stop talking about going to the Drive-In.
Light up the sparklers, slap the wieners on the grill and celebrate the holiday in the best way possible…locking yourself in your car and listening to this podcast!
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