The Movie Crypt: Ep 216: Rodney Ascher

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Filmmaker Rodney Ascher (THE NIGHTMARE, ROOM 237) is making some of the most unique and compelling documentary films out there today. Listen as he discusses his career and his process with Adam, Joe, and Arwen including how he chooses his subject matter, how he had almost thrown in the towel before his 2010 Sundance hit short THE S FROM HELL (a documentary about people that are scared of the old Screen Gems logo), how he found the subjects for his terrifying sleep paralysis documentary THE NIGHTMARE, why he chose to keep his subjects hidden in his amazing SHINING documentary ROOM 237, how he mixes narrative and documentary styles so effectively, and how he has been able to keep going while knowingly choosing subject matter that is anything but obvious commercial fare. If you’re an aspiring artist who often feels like the art you really want to create is “too out there” for financiers and distributors to take notice of… this episode is for you!

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