The Movie Crypt: Ep 217: Don Mancini

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“Wanna play?” Writer/director/producer Don Mancini (the CHILD’S PLAY franchise, TV’s HANNIBAL) visits the ArieScope studio to play dolls with Adam, Joe, and Arwen in this terrific episode that details Don’s career from screenwriter to director to the leader of his very own CULT OF CHUCKY. How did he do it? Did anyone really see the 30-year running “Chucky” phenomenon coming? How did Don wind up working on Season 3 of HANNIBAL? (You’re gonna love the story!) What can fans expect from the new “Chucky” film world premiering at FrightFest in London this August? How will Arwen handle it now that “Chucky” has started his own competing cult? Can we expect an Arwen/Chucky crossover and fight to the death? Arwen is a notorious toy slayer but “Chucky” has opposable thumbs and is highly skilled in the art of murder… so who will survive and what will be left of them? (Sorry, Chucky but our money is on Arwen and we think our ferocious co-host is gonna bring her Yorkie thunder down on your plastic ginger head!)

This episode also starts off with a big announcement that will rock you, shock you, and have you pilgrimaging to “Haddonfield” this October. Of course our beloved Patreon supporters get a little something extra regarding the big news- so listen for details!

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